Opla support

Big day today : Get your share on the web !

1/ Opla creates your website in a few minutes with no computer skills !

Just start chatting with Opla on Facebook Messenger. Opla will discuss with you about the website you want, and create it instantly.

2/ Opla makes your website unique and flexible !

Ask Opla to ADD and CHANGE your texts, your images, style and colors of your choice.


For example, ADD everything you want with these requests to Opla :

  • Add text : my text here
  • Add title : My title
  • Add text : Phone me at 0800.800.800
  • Add email : hello@opla.co
  • Add map with location : Chicago

For example, REPLACE everything you want with these requests to Opla :

  • Replace header text : my new header text
  • Change website name : MyNewName
  • Replace email with hello@opla.co
  • Change second image (send your own image before if you want a specific one)
  • Change top image (send your own image before if you want a specific one)
  • change second image text : my text
  • Replace design
  • change color to …
  • Replace style with … (classic, or fantasy, or modern, or business)

Simply give your instructions to Opla, and it is done !

You can also REMOVE any element :

  • Remove map
  • Remove email
  • remove first image

3/ follow activity and more

Ask Opla's informations about visitors.

  • How many visitors today ?


Remember 3 tips :

  • an image must be sent before images instructions, otherwise you will get a new random image.
  • if you don’t see the result of your instruction, remember to refresh your website page
  • in case of problem, write « help » and/or explain it to Opla, we will fix it rapidly and let you know.

We hope you will enjoy your Opla site !

Don’t hesitate to contact us : hello@opla.co

Opla beta3 : october 10 2016

  • You can now change style, remove elements, add social links, upload multiples images, better design and animations
  • more than 25 tasks were resolved
  • tons of debug and optimizations

Opla beta2 : august 9 2016

  • #3074 rewrote the Language parser, better understanding phrases and extracting values
  • #3076 new designs and dark/light themes ("change design" command)
  • #3092 more controls and hints in change commands group
  • #3085 new images
  • tons of debug and optimizations

Opla beta1 : june 30 2016

This is the first private release of Opla